Advantages Of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The market is being flooded with so many exercise bikes these days. You might have heard of recumbent bikes, dual action bikes, stationary bikes, and spinning bikes. However, you might not understand the differences between them.

In this article, we will help you differentiate one from another.

Recumbent bikes

A recumbent exercise bike is a type of exercise bike equipped with a comfortable bucket seat. As you pedal, you sit back and lower to the ground. These recumbent bikes are used to keep the workouts from becoming mundane. They are very easy to use, for even the most sedentary newbies.

Spinning bikesspinning bikes

These spinning bikes are very popular in health clubs. Usually, it has at least a spinning wheel at the front, hence the name. Spinning bikes might be trendy; however, they aren’t the most comfortable ones. This is because their seats are hard and small.

Therefore, even though spinning bikes might be interesting in classes and clubs, they aren’t the best option when it comes to home exercising and become boring very quickly.

Dual action bikes

These exercise bikes offer both a lower and upper body workout, hence the name. The bike is like an elliptical machine with handles moving independently.

This dual action bike offers a good workout but in can be a little touch for starters. After some time on the bike, you’ll become bored eventually.

The bike can be adjusted to offer an arm-pedaling workout; however, it’s not that easy. You’ll have a longer workout since it offers 2 separate exercises. The majority of users won’t keep this a routine.

Stationary bikes

Most people are familiar with these bikes, some call them upright bikes. The model is the same basic one as it was in the 1980s.

Stationary bikes are relative uncomfortable. You’ll be bouncing and leaning to the sides so you won’t be able to do everything while exercising on it. Therefore, you’ll get bored eventually.

Advantages of recumbent bikes in a professional aspect:

Recumbent bikes are very easy to use, and the settings can be adjusted to offer little to no resistance. The seats are more comfortable since they’re larger than those on other types of exercise bikes, especially for people who are overweight.

Recumbent bikes

The resistance can become extremely hard and might be challenging for athletes. This recumbent bike can make you feel as if you’re pedaling uphill. The majority of bikes have programs that require users to tackle hills and sprint.

When sitting back, you can add weights and do repetitions. This will give you an upper body workout.

Sustainable workouts

Most recumbent bikes offer programs to keep your workout routines from becoming boring. With it, you can simulate a hilly or flat, difficult or easy course. Therefore, one thing to keep in mind when looking for a recumbent bike, get one with as many variations as possible.

The factor that keeps you going back to the bike is its versatility. It is suitable for athletes of all levels. You can have easy workouts in your lazy or worn out days, while still being able to read a newspaper or a book.

Adjust the settings to more difficult levels and find out your limits. For upper body workouts, add some weights.


Recumbent Bike 2As you pedal this recumbent bike, you’ll have good posture where the weight of your body won’t stress your joints.

This type of exercise bike is better for your body since you sit back and lower to the ground. This is different from other types of exercise bikes where you have to hunch over which will make your back become stiff, especially with some dual action bikes.

When working out with this recumbent bike, you’ll receive a cardio exercise with no pressure put on your joints including your knees. This recumbent bike won’t allow cheating since it’s even more difficult for you to pedal standing up, which will put unnecessary pressure on your ankles and knees.

Good exercise bikes for men

When working out, especially in strength training, many men tend to neglect their lower body. You can easily find many men with giant biceps but tiny legs.

The reason to it is because an upper body workout is easier to achieve at home. A recumbent exercise bike is what you’ll need to have a lower body workout. To build leg muscles, just set it to high resistance. You can even do curls too.

Women and recumbent bikes

This exercise bike can help you build long and lean muscles with enough resistance from its fat burning cardio workout. They’re also good for your inner thighs.

You can target different muscle groups on in your legs using different programs and settings.

With this bike, you can multi-task to save time for more responsibilities at home. You can use a phone, read, and watch the TV… while pedaling.

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